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Premium bird food

Wormfeed, Insectfeed and Mealfeed

The perfect nutrition your bird needs.

Our premium products for insectivorous birds are designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for these species. Our products contain only the finest ingredients, including oven-dried larvae of Tenebrio molitor, also known as mealworm, which are bred in the European Union for human consumption.

Feeding insectivorous birds can be challenging, as these species have specific nutritional needs that cannot be met by a standard diet. That is why our products have been carefully formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of insectivorous birds, including a high quality protein source to meet their energy and growth needs.

Tenebrio molitor larva is a highly nutritious protein source that is easily digestible by insectivorous birds, and is known for its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamins. In addition, our Tenebrio molitor larvae are carefully reared in the European Union for human consumption, which guarantees the highest quality and food safety.

The range of products for insectivorous birds is composed of high quality sustainable raw material raised in the European Union in our factory in partnership with Feedect.

Wormfeed 100, a product composed of 100% dehydrated Tenebrio molitor larvae, which have been carefully oven-dried to preserve their nutritional value and flavor. These larvae are obtained through a sustainable farming process in the European Union, in order to guarantee the quality and freshness of the raw material.

Wormfeed Mix, a high quality insect mix product, ensures a tasty and appetizing feed, with a base of dehydrated Tenebrio molitor larvae.

Mealfeed, a high quality product in pâté format, made with carefully selected natural ingredients and a base of Tenebrio molitor larvae. This product is especially indicated as a complementary food, providing the pâté together with their usual food, you will obtain a balanced and nutritious diet for the bird.

Insectfeed, a high quality extruded feed product composed of a balanced mix of natural ingredients and Tenebrio molitor larvae. This complete feed provides birds with all the essential daily nutrients they need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.


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