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Lorifeed Baby

Powdered porridge
for pigeons of the subfamily Loriinae

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Lorifeed Baby is a powdered formula that, when mixed with water, is used as food for the chicks of all lorikeet species. It is formulated to ensure the proper development of lorie hatchlings at any stage of growth.

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Instructions for use:

In the early stages of growth, it is recommended to add 5/6 parts of water for each part of Lorifeed Baby. The dosage should be adapted according to the growth stage. Administer the feed to the pigeon with a spoon or syringe. Once it has been mixed with water, the baby food should be renewed at each feeding.

Complementary uses: one scoop of Lorifeed Baby per feeder can be added to the regular maintenance food of adult lorises during the breeding season to stimulate breeding and promote the growth of the chicks while they are being fed by their parents.

Store in closed container, away from dust and light and at room temperature. It does not need refrigeration even once opened.


Soy protein concentrate, fructose, pregelatinized starch, sucrose, dried apple pulp, dried papaya pulp, rapeseed fat, dried Tenebrio molitor larvae (dead terrestrial invertebrate), dextrose, pollen, brewer’s yeast, inulin (chicory) and sodium chloride.

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Technical specifications:
Appearance Brown flour
Taste Characteristic
Dry matter 82%
Crude protein 18% approx.
Crude fat 8%
Crude fiber 1,5%
Sugars 34%
Ashes 2% approx.
Sodium <10 mg/100 g
Iron <25 mg/kg
Viscosity <30000 cps
pH 4-6

It is important to note that the above values are indicative and are provided for information purposes only on total matter. Therefore, they should not be considered as contractual terms as they may be subject to change and adjustment depending on various circumstances.

Summary table:
  • Natural ingredients, as you would choose in nature.
  • With high quality European-raised Tenebrio molitor larvae flour. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • It contains papain, an enzyme that is very beneficial for digestion and is present in the organically grown papaya that we incorporate.
  • It also contains apple, which improves digestibility thanks to its high fiber content and provides essential vitamins of groups A and B.
  • Our pollen and brewer’s yeast, among other ingredients, provide a complete amino acid profile for lorie hatchlings.
  • Very low iron levels.
  • It has prebiotic activity, i.e. it stimulates the growth of the intestinal microbiota thanks to the inulin from chicory.
  • Two formats adapted to any of your needs.
  • Designed by veterinarians, breeders and animal feed experts.
  • We are the direct manufacturer, which allows us to be competitive. Made in Spain.

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